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Website Refresh, Newsletter, Social Media

We updated our website Consolidated our Facebook accounts. Started an Instagram account Went to an online for form for adoption applications Got certified on Great nonprofits

Fences Renovated

7 ft reinforced fence that allowed us to have 3 fenced play yards. 

Puppy House Renovated

The puppy house was renovated to be able to house puppies indoors.  Whole area retiled, drywalled and painted.

CCPAL shelter built

All kennels and storage buildings built.  Money came from personal funds, car auctions and community.  Pipe creek water well donated holding tanks for water. 

CCPAL Founded

We got our 501(c) non profit status and officially become CCPAL

We take over animal control for Bandera

Marlene got a call from a dispatcher at the Sheriff Department.  Do you want to manage the animal control service for Bandera? CCPAL was given access to the property to operate it.  

First Dogs Adopted

Marlene was working with another organization and was frustrated they wouldn’t take black dogs to an adoption event. She wound up rounding up 23 black dogs and taking them home with her. Those dogs were the first dogs CCPAL adopted out. 

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